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Why LAMP based eCommerce solutions make more sense to your business

lamp-ecommerce-solutionsThe LAMP is a development platform, which determines the efficiency of any application. Choosing a wrong platform simply means the resultant application will fail to match the client’s specifications. Today, businesses are not just looking for any application but they want an app, which can improve their business processes and boost up their business growth. In order to work this out, they simply need an application, which can easily integrate to their current IT infrastructure and the one, which is credible to deliver high performance. Today a good eCommerce development company in India looks at providing stable, high quality and cost-effective solutions to its customers. Choosing LAMP based eCommerce portals can prove more benefits for your eCommerce business, let’s check how?


What is LAMP?

LAMP is a blend of Linux Apache MySQL PHP, which depends upon a viable server for carrying out development operations in an efficient manner. Of late, the demand for LAMP Development method is increasing with every passing day among the users for many benefits. These include getting rapid web development solutions along with affordable costs. The security and scalable are the other vital elements, which fail to compromise in the blog development. One of the good things about LAMP is its developing performance intensive apps that come with an ease. Apart from being a versatile development platform, it is also compatible with a number of portals and hence the web developers have more reasons to prefer the same.

LAMP the Preferred Choice by the eCommerce Developers

With the goal of developing some of the best eCommerce websites, the developers have increasingly started using LAMP. Interestingly, it was used to develop various apps individually and at no point, the developers used to think about using it as the combined ones. However, later the developers found that using them together can give some of the best solutions for web development and apps. These days developers simply love using this technology stack as it is open source in nature. This means it can be easily adapted to suit certain given requirements quickly and without any hassle.

The Benefits of LAMP in eCommerce Projects

There are many benefits of using LAMP for eCommerce projects. The following are the major ones to name a few:

Easy to Code: With LAMP coding becomes a breeze to develop any application or eCommerce sites. Using LAMP for your eCommerce projects ensures that your coding comes bug-free and you do not have to go through any time consuming and daunting kinds of processes for solving any bug(s) in it.

Easy Deployment: For a number of developers, the deployment of eCommerce sites and apps are often a tricky exercise, especially when they are not able to easily integrate programming language with the database and server. With LAMP, you hardly find any such issue before the developers as PHP is a standard Apache module. This makes the deployment of eCommerce web apps simple.

Local Development: This is another important benefits for the developers as they get the provision of developing the eCommerce app or site locally and then deploy over the web without any flaw or issue.


So, considering a number of benefits of LAMP, using it for eCommerce apps or website development is a sensible decision. However, not all the developers are able to use it effectively except the ones who are experts and experienced using the LAMP stack effectively.

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