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Towards Hiring a Competent Mobile Application Development Company


As per a report, India is ranked second in terms of internet users. The report suggests that there are more than 302 million users in India, while by the end of 2015, the number of smartphone users in the country would become 100 million.


If you have decided to hire a competent mobile app development company in India, it shows that you as a business would like to provide a better and more engaging experience to your customers. Developing a mobile app for your business will not only help promote your products or services over the online space with ease but also add a competitive edge to your business. However, as you rise up to this stage, there are chances that you might end up with a wrong app development company, owing to lack of apt knowledge about app development.

The following tips can help you find a competent mobile app development company.

Platform Experience: Experience counts more than anything for app development when selecting the right mobile application development company in India. if you are keen to develop an app, the first and the most important decision is to select the right platform that meets your business need. The main platforms are Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry, you may opt to develop an app for all platforms or just for iOS or Android (which are the market leaders in mobile OS). Do keep in mind to consider the mobile application development company which has a sizable amount of experience in your chosen mobile platform. Take your time to check their reviews on authentic websites and forums before you take your final decision.

Domain Specific Exposure: Apart from shortlisting a company who has exposure to your desired mobile platform, consider the companies which are known to have high expertise in your business domain. For instance, if you are into travel or transport domain, always choose a mobile app development company India which is known to have worked in this domain for a considerable amount of projects. It’s imperative to carry out a thorough research of the market to identify, who has worked in your domain more than the other. Such an app development company would have a better understanding of your domain, which will help facilitate mobile app development or other products for your business without an ambiguity later on much hassle.

Consider Budget: it is always recommended to decide upon your budget first and then search for the mobile app development companies, which adhere to all your specific budget requirements. You can request for quotations from a few companies and compare them in terms of quality and cost to find out the most competitive ones that suit your budget requirement as well. Once you get a fair idea about the market flow, it simply becomes profitable and easy to invest. Even if you are a big enterprise and do not have any budget constraints while looking for any mobile app development company, it’s important to note that a bigger budget does not guarantee a better app.

Check Professionalism: In IT industry, it is imperative that a company be professional in its service delivery. The very first thing you need to check is how good your prospective mobile application development in company India in terms of delivering software products as per the deadlines. One cannot compromise on this. Hence, it is important to check with the company’s previous clients to ensure their adherence professional etiquettes element. This will avoid future issues like meeting your product launch date.

QTriangle has extensive experience in app development and our expert team would be more than happy to help you select the design and develop the mobile app for your business.