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How to convert your eCommerce traffic into paying customers

So you have got your E-commerce business up and running and have started getting traffic to your ecommerce website organically or through SEO, SMM, SEM or other marketing initiatives. However, if you are now concerned about not achieving the expected sales and are facing the issue of converting the traffic into an actual customer; you might want to consider the following points.

  1. Pricing: It’s common knowledge that the Indian consumer is more price conscious than his international counterparts. Most of the Indian consumer will research the products price on multiple websites online before making a purchase. Hence, it’s imperative for ecommerce owners to keep a constant check on competitor pricing and offers. The most obvious way would be to lower the product price (if possible) or offer a better deal. One might also consider the use of smart/dynamic pricing strategies which help in end conversions.
  2. Better Value Proposition: An ecommerce business that cannot beat its competitor on pricing should look to offer a better value proposition. The Indian consumers are evolving and have started considering the overall value proposition in terms of cost and service quality. They are willing to spend a little more as long as they believe the will get a better and hassle-free service. Some important aspects include:
    • Shipping cost & time: If competing on price is out of the question offering a free shipping with a delivery of within a weeks’ time is a must-have for any ecommerce biz to increase conversion. While one might consider charging for a priority deliver its important to making sure that the final price does dilute the value proposition.
    • Easy returns: Having an Easy – hassle free return policy inculcates a sense of trust; which intern helps in end conversions, as long as the return policy is exclusively stated during the checkout process.
  3. Easy checkout: Keeping the checkout process as simple and as few steps as possible will help avoid customers abandoning the checkout process halfway.
  4. Chat feature: Including a chat feature during the checkout process could help you close a potential patient. It helps understand why the customer is about to abandon his cart and provides an opportunity to address his issue. This also helps understand why customers are not converting. It’s important to keep in mind that the user should be prompted ONLY if he is inactive for more than 30-60 seconds as it is important not to divert customer’s attention while he is entering information.
  1. Relevant landing pages for your PPC campaigns: This might sound obvious but quite a few ecommerce businesses take their paid customers to the home page, which results in reduces conversions (unless it’s purely a brand-building campaign). It’s important to understand that paid customer is looking for a specific product and would like to be taken directly to the product page, thereby, reducing his search cost and potential for conversion.

We have only scraped the tip of the iceberg here and would give you more insights on these pointers in our upcoming articles.

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