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DIY Shopping Site vs. Professional eCommerce Website Development

There are many entrepreneurs that are very energetic and act on their business ideas. This is a good thing. But many starts up business owners are struggling with the decision of either doing their websites themselves or get a professional to do it.

This is actually a debate that can go on forever. But there is actually a good thing and a bad thing on both sides. Let’s take a look at each perspective.

DIY Shopping Site

There is really a great pleasure in owning something that you created. If you managed to set up a website yourself, you want to pat yourself and be proud of it. But the reality is- it is hard and very, very time to consume to set up a website yourself from the ground up, especially- if you have mediocre technical skills. Because it is easy nowadays to get information from guides and tutorials online and on YouTube, it seems fairly easy for everyone on to just get on their computer and builds a site. But keep in mind, that it will take you hours of trial and errors (and even a truckload of frustration) before you end up with a presentable site.

For any business, time is precious. And if you are passionate about what you offer, whether they are products or services, then it is best to put all your effort in what you do best- run your business. An e-commerce expert can very well direct you in the right direction and add a professional look to your site so you can get on with selling your stuff in a snap.

When is DIY a good thing? If you are a startup and you can’t afford to pay a development company, then it is better off to do things on your own. You got to know the truth, some business does fail; you can save some money if you build your site on your own. It is a good way to get your name out there and test the water.

So you might think: is Qtriangle in the business of DIY? Yes, we are. We are working on our own DIY platform, that will give tough competition to established players guys like Shopify, big ecommerce, smart jack, and others. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Professional Ecommerce Website

So when do you hire an ecommerce website development team? When your business is already established and you are confident that it will be more powerful when launched online, then you are all set for the professional touch.

If your business is already online but you feel that pre-made templates or a basic website just don’t have the power and performance that can help you make your website big and better, then better get ecommerce consulting. These experts will help you find the platform and transform your site so that you can maximize the features of a robust ecommerce software that can maximize your profitability.