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Using eCommerce frameworks for catalog websites

Saturday, 22 March 2014 | Written by qtriangle |

There are different kinds of eCommerce framework available which are extremely beneficial for making different types of websites. If you are intended to make a catalog website, Magneto platform is worth choosing the option. It provides the scalability, flexibility and valuable features that will speed up the process of your business growth. Moreover, Magneto provides the feature-rich e-commerce platforms providing merchants with complete flexibility and control over content, presentation, and performance of their online channels. It is one of the good e-commerce frameworks that won’t let your process of creating catalog websites down and with little effort, you’ll be having a full-fledged e-commerce platform with complete functionality and outstanding performance.

With the help of this eCommerce framework, you will be able to manage fully dynamic catalog with its intuitive interface. Its flexible catalog system holds different options for items’ display. On the other hand, you can also import and export products for offline batch updates. Its core API permits you to integrate via web services with existing back-offline structures that ensure more efficient management of your online channel.

By using this ecommerce framework, you can perform inventory management tasks with background items while utilizing minimum and maximum quantities. Along with this working freedom, you are permitted to get batch updates for the products that you will receive in your admin panel. There are attribute sets which actually allow you to create products of any kind you want. What if you want to create store-specific attributes on the fly? Surely, you can easily perform this task with this excellent ecommerce platform.

Including all these described benefits, there are still a number of others need to be discussed. One of the biggest advantages of using these frameworks is high performance. These platforms are dedicated to delivering the highest performance as they employ the fastest data structures by providing the highly optimized code base. Ecommerce frameworks are competent enough that try to minimize dependencies between different implementation domains.

For making an expert level catalog website, ecommerce platforms are productive enough as these are hassle-free. These platforms are promised to develop a broad development perspective of e-commerce benefits. You will find each and everything included in these podiums that you need to set up your online store. You can give your customers space to write comments and specify options when they will pay for the items on your ecommerce website. Moreover, tracking online store orders and its status become easier with such frameworks. They allow you to keep track of all orders that have been paid for, delivered or shipped.

To enhance the functionality of your catalog website, there are features included in ecommerce platforms like CRM. With the help of this feature, you can view detailed information about who placed the order. Moreover, these systems are also loaded with the fraud detection systems that are ready to warn you in case any suspicious order is detected on your site. Hence, using an ecommerce platform, you can not only make you catalog website perfectly running but stay away from any fraudulent activities as well.