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Giving modern look to your ecommerce website

28 February 2014 | Written by qtriangle |

The recent advancements in technology have offered a great help to the ecommerce industry to grow. These days there are numerous companies that are focusing on ecommerce as it has to offer various advantages. But launching a site in haste in not a good idea at all as you may neglect various important factors that can be extremely helpful to popularize your ecommerce website. One of these factors is to give a modern and impressive look to your ecommerce site. There are some important things that can be done to make a website convenient and useful, and at the same time these things can make your site look modern and beautiful.

Selection of the Design

It is one of the most important steps where you have to be very careful as selection of the right design for a website is extremely important. A site with unattractive design will cause the customers to lose interest in it and they won’t spend much time on the site going through your products. You must select such a design that has to be attractive as well as useful and convenient.

Simple and Neat Main Page

You can find many sites that add lots of stuff on main page because they think that doing such a thing will provide exposure to most of their products but it is wrong. People like the sites with neat and comprehensive main page that has to be precise and should not contain lots and lots of stuff as it does not look attractive at all and can take lots of customer’s time to go through all of the stuff.

Putting a Slide Show

One of the best things that can be done to make your ecommerce site look modern and attractive without losing its usability is adding a slide show on the main page. It can add an elegant and attractive look to your site and can also offer a great exposure to the numbers of products. You can create a slide show either of the newly added products or the most popular ones.

Search Box

Placing a product search box on the site can offer a great convenience to the customers as they can directly get to the product they are looking for. It offers an impressive look to your site and makes it a lot more useful and convenient for the customers.

Mobile Friendly

In the modern world of technology, people like to visit most of the sites on their mobiles even while they are travelling to some place. So you will have to make it sure that your website can offer the same functionality on mobiles as well without losing the looks.

Social Media Links

Adding social media links will conveniently offer your site a modern look and at the same time it will be very helpful for the promotions of your products as people like to share their favorite products with their friends and family members. It will also keep them updated with all of the happenings on your site as soon as they login to their social network accounts. It can increase your chances to get some impressive numbers of sales.