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Analysis of most popular ecommerce CMS

Saturday, 15 February 2014 | Written by qtriangle |

With the recent advancements in technology, all of the businesses are using internet as an effective marketing tool. The eCommerce CMS are offering a great help to the businesses for all their promotions and marketing on internet. The CMS or Content Management Systems have become very popular in the industry as these systems can offer a reliable way to manage an ecommerce site.

If you are planning to start en ecommerce site, selection of the right ecommerce CMS platform is extremely important as selection is the key to achieve the required level of reliability and convenience.

It is extremely important that the CMS you choose for your site should be capable enough to execute the desired functions in a proper way. Here we will analyze some of the most popular ecommerce CMS so that you can select the most suitable one for your site and can achieve the required goals with ease and convenience.


It is one of the best ecommerce platforms available in free source category. It has various advantages to offer the users. Some of the unique features of OpenCart are:

  • It has a well-designed admin area that is extremely helpful to track the inventory and sales of a site.
  • It is a free source CMS and many developers are working on it to make it more effective and easy to implement and manage.
  • It allows various gift vouchers and coupons that is an impressive way to attract higher numbers of customers to your site.
  • It is a flexible and powerful tool that can offer the best results for small to medium sized businesses.


It is another impressive Content Management System for ecommerce sites that is growing very fast. There are various ecommerce sites that are using Megneto. Some of its impressive features are:

  • It is a free source CMS which means that you don’t have to pay anything to use it.
  • It has a great user-interface that offers a great help to the users to manage their content.
  • It is a flexible ecommerce platform that offers you the liberty of managing multiple sites, more than 50 payment gateways and integration of Google Website Optimizer.

Business Catalyst

If you want to create a typical ecommerce site, Business Catalyst can be an ideal choice for you. It can be a great choice for small to large businesses.

  • It is more user friendly and reliable that helps in managing the content of the site with great convenience.
  • It has a dedicated CMS application to offer that is powerful enough to handle any forums, shopping carts and blogs effectively.
  • It is very convenient to track all of your customer activities and site visits through the easily understandable analytics.


It is another open source CMS that is available for free. It has to offer variety of impressive features to the users.

  • You can enjoy the full control on your inventory with PrestaShop in a convenient way.
  • It can help you to customize your online store at any time and manage your customer based subscriptions in a better way.
  • It can send all of your payments directly to your PayPal or bank account as you may like.

As you can see each platform brings its own advantages. You may use any of these based on your needs.