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Web hosting for your ecommerce website development in India

Friday, 09 August 2013 | Written by qtriangle |

An ecommerce venture is not a normal venture. You have a lot at stake on the website because it is earning money directly for you.

One of the aspects to run your ecommerce website properly is choice of web hosting. For ecommerce website development India provides a lot of good options, but then you need to take next step of choosing appropriate web hosting.

Here we are providing comparison of shared vs. VPS hosting.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting allows people to enjoy the private hosting facility. It is not like the shared ones but is like having a hosting of one’s own. The hosting of the website is done through this server which has a maximum advantage when compared to the other type of hosting. Sometimes, people get confused as what has to be hosted and when should they do it. Whom to choose and whether their choice is right or not. These questions need a proper answering as any problem with the website might also be due to the server that we have.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Having a single server which is shared between many people who have a website is called shared hosting. It will allow the user to share the server with one another. There are advantages, but when compared with VPS hosting, shared hosting might have more disadvantages. This makes people shift themselves to VPS rather than shared hosting. Some of the known disadvantages are the slow upload of pages which usually irritate people. Sometimes, the server will have unwanted websites which might take the speed of the server. This cannot be removed as the shared hosting control will be in the hands of the company who provides it.

Advantages Of VPS

Being the best choice, what makes the VPS the right one to choose has to be known.

· It is private, which is the main advantage of it. This does one use, reboot anytime they want to. This helps to keep up with the speed one is actually looking for in the websites.

· It provides unlimited space. Usually people find to be having limited space in hosting as it is shared and the company needs share only a limited space with each user.

· This is not seen in case of VPS as the person who opt it can use it to the maximum.

· The websites can be loaded with any number of animations, graphics and other things without any restriction. This makes the website look good as well as one can open it faster than other sites. This helps to maintain the traffic.

VPS Is The Best

With all these things, going for VPS hosting than shared ones is found to be worth. The choice will never let the user down rather helps to maintain the customers on the website. The hosting is simple and one can do it by checking the websites to know what all the facility these companies provide along with hosting. This helps people to take all these advantages before choosing any company.

A decision has to be taken by comparing not by compromising to any of the company as there are many companies which provide this facility.