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Optimizing your eCommerce store

optimize-websiteWith the advent of Smartphone devices and tablets, an increasing amount of internet users is seen accessing the web using these devices. As per the latest reports of Google, more than 57 % of mobile users will avoid visiting the sites, which take more than three seconds to load and 30 % of users will shelve the idea of buying if the shopping portal is not optimized as per these devices. In other words, the sites, which are not optimized as per these modern day devices are more likely to lose sales. Thus the importance of having an optimized e-commerce store cannot be denied.

Mobile Users are Different

The mobile users are known to have different objectives than the PC users. They typically want the information quickly and without any hassle and digestible bites. As per some statistics, mobile users invest more time and money per purchase than consumers carry on desktop websites. This boosts up the importance of optimizing your websites for mobile users. So, right from making the inquiry to purchase, you are supposed to design the site, which not only loads fast but also in a right manner.

High Traffic with Optimization

As one-quarter of global web searches are carried out using mobile devices with more than one billion users all across the world, having a website designed for these platforms have become simply important than the traditional versions. As per multiple sources, the mobile users are engaging with mobile portals and apps more than the traditional versions while watching different videos, TV, and other things while at work or in other places. Even Google in its last year’s update popularly known as Hummingbird update, having responsive designs for the website is important for better rankings on search engines.

Smarter Brand Engagement

People like your e-commerce portal only when you offer them satisfying mobile experience and they will more likely return to your site later using their desktops. More than 90 percent of users report moving between different devices or screens in order to accomplish any task. Once your mobile experience is optimized for consistency and functionality, it helps in building up the trust and affinity with the users. On the contrary, if your mobile website design has a complex navigation, the users will find it difficult to access your site with ease. At such junctures, no one would like to visit your site using their desktop. If you are keen to engage your target audience with your brand then it is important to have a responsive design for your eCommerce site.

Check Mobile Health of your eCommerce Site

Pick up any Smartphone or tablet and start checking your website in order to check the performance of your website. As you visit your website, check whether your site is able to load in less than three seconds. Are you able to draw your eyes to the key message or selling points? Do you find your website simple to navigate? Check the call to action, user experience, and content. Once you get the honest answers to these questions, you end up understanding the importance of optimizing your site for mobile users.

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