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Integrating shipping systems with your online shop

ecommerce shipping

When a new customer comes at any online store while finding his or her desired products, they want to know the cost, find the shipping cost and other cost while adding up the same in the shopping cart apart from a number of things. Plus they want to know instantly whether there area can get the said products from the shopping store and many more such basic information, which any online customer would get.

At such junctures, for any online store own, it becomes mandatory to integrate all the basic details especially the shipping system and other relevant elements in their shopping portal.

Let’s check how one can integrate the shipping system with the online store as under:

Give all the Basic Elements

Once a prospective customer lands at your shopping portal, you need to keep all the details handy for him or her, which anyone would like to know first and the foremost. These include finding out whether the product can be shipped at the respective place by giving pin code checker, the cost the customer has to pay including the shipping and other things rather knowing only the cost of the product and other things. Now, for the owners, you need software, which can help them to generate bar codes for product, which can help the customer to cross check the same with other online stores or other reliable source. Similarly, there are elements to be included here to do the needful.

Shipping Rates and Abandoned Carts

It is a real challenge to find out the shipping strategy that can help you also earn and keep the customers happy. As per a number of instances wherein you can find the shopping cart are remained abandon simply because the shipping is costly. At such juncture, adopting a competitive strategy in order to appeal the customers coming to shop at your online store is mandatory. Let’s check some of them that can be integrated in your online store.

A Three options shipping strategy

This can be carried out in the 3 fold way, including free shipping offer, charge what you are being charged and lastly charge a flat rate for shipping. The first option of free shipping can be given for the products, which are above certain amount. For instance, purchase of 500 can be made free shipping, while the products below the same can be charged for the shipping. In the second option, you can charge for the amount you have been asked by your partner courier company. This will be a no profit no loss basis strategy that can help in retaining the customer and sustaining with your online store business. Lastly, you can design a list of flat rates to be charged for different categories of products you sell online.


In order to survive in this cut throat competition found in e-commerce business, designing a tangible shipping strategy has become mandatory for the online store owners. Apart from adding up the proper shipping system with your online store, you need to chalk out a proper shipping strategy as well, which can help in sustaining in your c-commerce business.