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Integrating shipping and fulfillment with your online store

shippingMost of the times, the e-commerce site will control the customer’s experience. You prepare ads, you make images, and you tweak your portals, blog and write emails. However, once your products are shipped to the customer, your brand is now being handled by a stranger. Hence shipping has an importance in making or breaking your business in different ways. Choosing a wrong shipping partner can hamper your brand in the market. Unfortunately, a number of e-retailers give less importance to the shipping element, which ends up hampering the rapport the company has in the market. One may think a lot about packaging, tracking, and other elements, but fail to choose a reliable shipping company, which can deliver the products on time with safety. Let’s check how you can integrate the shopping element with your e-commerce store.

The Software

While you chose a reliable and competent shipping company, it is important to have your software stuff compatible with the shipping requirements. Right from having the features like putting the pin code checker that will help the customer know whether the company can deliver at the area they belong to automatic shipment creation, shipment checking feature and others, your website should be par with the modern day features required in e-commerce sites.

The Shipping Options

Before you ship any product to the customer, you are supposed to chalk out a proper strategy for charging your customers for shipping. To begin with, you can think of offering your customers free shipping option, which is becoming a popular option for the e-commerce portals. As everyone knows you pay for shipping and hence you need to recover the amount in some way. This can be done by increasing the production costs to cover the shipping cost; you pay from your own pocket the shipping cost and lastly slight increase the cost of the products to cover the shipping price to some extent. You can even give free shipping charges for some minimum order amount.

Charge the Real-Time Carrier Rates

The other strategy for shipping is to charge the real-time carrier rates for all your shipping. There are several e-commerce platforms, which can be integrated into different locations in order to fetch the shipping options for the customers along with checking the live pricing from several carriers. This will help the customers to enjoy transparency and consider the one, which they find it perfect for their shipping.

Charge a Flat Rate

The last option is to choose the flat rate shipping cost to the customer. One of the best practices for this option is to ensure that the carriers do not overcharge or undercharge your customers. If you have a standard product then flat rate shipping can work the best option for you. However, if you have diverse kinds of products then this option cannot be called as a complex one.

Wrapping up

There are several factors to be considered while integrating the shipping element to the e-commerce site. These include both the software and the logistics to make your products ship to your customers. The above elements can help you in this.

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