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About Qtriangle

Qtriangle is a winning team of Internet professionals, who have established strong online identities for hundreds of customers year after year. We are serving our global clientele out of our office in Noida, Delhi NCR.


Our Philosophy

"Qtriangle" derives its name from the "Quality Triangle", also known as project management triangle.

Today any IT provider is supposed to deliver services on time, at a reasonable cost, and with agreed scope. The Quality triangle depicts the relationship between these 3 factors. It also describes the relation of quality with these factors.

Qtriangle believes in delivering services keeping the right balance between all 3 ingredients to meet top quality.

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Team Composition

Qtriangle corporate comprises multiple teams of skilled engineers who can manage all aspects of your internet identity, starting from conceptualising the online concepts and wireframing, realising the concept, and then making it meaningful via organic and sustainable online marketing strategies.

Our team comprises of following profiles:

  • Program/Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Software Engineers [Developers/Designers]
  • Digital Marketing and SEO professionals
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Bridging Boundaries, Serving Globally 

"Qtriangle" has been very active in Indian as well as international markets. We have provided solutions to our customers worldwide.

  • Market Reach: Penetrating both Indian and international markets with versatile solutions.

  • Global Solutions: Extending services across diverse regions, including the USA, UK, Australia, and beyond.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Tailoring solutions to meet the needs of clients worldwide, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Cross-Cultural Expertise: Navigating cultural nuances to deliver effective and adaptable solutions on a global scale.

  • Strategic Expansion: Continuously exploring new markets and opportunities to further broaden Qtriangle's global footprint.


Our area of specialization includes open source eCommerce, HubSpot, and CMS solutions. We have a strong track record in developing custom eCommerce websites and eShops using frameworks like Magento, Laravel, CodeIgniter, WooCommerce, Opencart, and others. Additionally, we possess advanced skills in open source CMS platforms such as WordPress and OctoberCMS.

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Distinguishing Factors of Qtriangle: Setting Ourselves Apart

When you partner with Qtriangle, you not only receive the wow factor in your deliveries but also indulge in an exceptional customer service experience. Our commitment to excellence begins with the captivating visual appeal of your website and continues seamlessly throughout your professional interactions with us. At Qtriangle, we set the bar high for ourselves, with a focus on delivering extraordinary results and providing customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.


  • Exemplary Visual Presentation: Crafting visually captivating websites that leave a lasting impression on visitors, setting the stage for an exceptional experience.
  • Consistent Excellence: Ensuring that the 'wow factor' extends beyond the initial encounter, maintaining a standard of excellence throughout every interaction.
  • Customer-Centric Philosophy: Placing utmost importance on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and satisfaction.
  • Performance Metrics: Implementing rigorous performance metrics to gauge success, with a focus on exceeding expectations in both delivery and service.
  • Continuous Improvement: Committing to ongoing refinement and enhancement of processes to continually elevate the delivery experience and customer service standards.

"It’s our pleasure to give feedback for the services of Qtriangle as an E-commerce Consultant for us, initially, we came across Mr. Divakar’s knowledgeable article with the heading of “7 habits of highly effective e-shops” on and as we were looking for an E-commerce Consultant, this was the turning point for us in selecting the one of the best E-commerce Consultant.
Although we are operating in Australia and working completely virtually with Qtriangle we have got one of the best services that one could provide physically and virtually. The most important aspect of the whole process is communication, which had been the most effective in making the project completely successful. Qtriangle has an excellent team that has full control over cost, quality, and time which makes them stand out in the industry. I wish them a lot of success in the coming eCommerce era."

Hasan Aslam
Owner, Dayoo Kids Store

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